The true heroes behind GetAnimized

Just like every cartoon, our company has its own heroes. 🦸‍♂️⭐ Our people are talented and dedicated cartoon artists from all over the world. They bring unparalleled experience, passion and commitment to every project and every client.

MARK 😎 He really loves Rick and Morty. He has been in the illustration industry ‘forever’. Mark is the most talented and the least humble person we have ever met. Always comes up with the best jokes.

JASON 😏 His favorite cartoon is Peanut, because the comic carries simple life truths. Jason is very adamant he had started drawing Da Vinci style before he started walking. He is nice to be around and we think he has a big-hearted personality; loves to chit-chat.

EMILY 🧐 The BoJack Horseman fan. She thinks that the character embodies the overly well-known intention a lot of us have: seeking happiness in the very next thing that lies ahead of us. Emily is a creative thinker who will make sure you don’t miss any details in your illustration.

SARAH 😊 Sarah’s favorite is Steven Universe. She is a part-time children’s book illustrator and a part-time GetAnimized illustrator. Sarah is enthusiastic, idealistic and creative. She says she is able to do anything that interests her.

NEETA 🥰 She loves the Simpsons. She has five years' experience in graphic design and illustration. Neeta is fun-loving, she always creates a joyful atmosphere.

JOANNE 🤩 Joanne is a life long fan of the Simpsons. She says that The Simpsons is the perfect example of a TV show that can stand the test of time. It's a show that can never get old, and yet you can never be too smart for it. She holds BSc in Fine Arts. She is very excited about theories and ideas. She claims to hold 1 single Bitcoin and will keep it forever.

LUCAS 😇 Lucas loves Ninja Turtles, just because. He says he was born to be a designer as his both parents are into arts. He is the most experienced in the GetAnimized team and the most helpful guy on the planet.

ELLIE 🤗 Ellie’s favorite cartoon is South Park. She says she could go on and on about how much she absolutely loves everything about South Park, but unfortunately, that would be too long of a post. Ellie started doing book illustration 9 years ago while she was still at school. She is quiet, sensitive, and kind. We come to her for life advice.

CHRISTOPHER 😋 He used to love Scooby-Doo when he was a kid (he still acts like a kid though). He has six years of experience working in the design studio and GetAnimized is his part-time job. He has a hyperenergetic and loving personality. He will make you believe in yourself.

Our story

One thing that binds people from all over the world is our shared love for cartoons. Out of this love, GetAnimized was born.

"Drawing gives you the power to capture the most gorgeous memories, the most special moments, the dearest people and their most genuine emotions. It lets you travel anywhere your imagination takes you and experience anything you can think of. We realized we can use that power to bring joy to other peoples' lives. We give everyone the opportunity to make their dreams come true in a form of an illustration."

This project is meant to be the source of joy. Together with the team of talented cartoon illustrators, we bring happiness to everyday life. Don't hesitate to experience it yourself.

Get Animized

Our Culture

There's nothing we love more than taking your idea, your story and making it into something real.

THE HIGHEST QUALITY Our work is renowned for its highly-crafted design

PERSONALIZED MEANS SPECIAL Celebrate your best memories in a form of your one-of-a-kind personalized illustration

EXTRAORDINARY CARE Every customer is the most important to us. We are always here to help you

SPREADING THE JOY We do our best every day to make your world a more joyful place