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About Us

One thing that binds people from all over the world is our shared love for cartoons. Out of this love, GetAnimized was born.

The story behind GetAnimized

Hi! My name is Rey and I am a keen traveller and illustrator. I have always adored the power that drawing gives you. It lets you capture the most gorgeous memories, the most special moments, the dearest people and their most genuine emotions. It lets you travel anywhere your imagination takes you and experience anything you can think of. I realized I can use that power to bring joy to other peoples' lives. We teamed up with a few friends to create this project where we share our love for art and cartoons and give everyone the opportunity to make their dreams come true in a form of an illustration.

Our culture

We’re a dedicated team of illustrators and cartoon lovers. Everyday we do our best together to create extraordinary customer experiences. Our work is renowned for its highly-crafted design, and its ability to drive good emotions. There's nothing we love more than taking your idea, your story and making it into something real.

Let's create something valuable