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1. Purchase your custom portrait

First things first, choose your favorite cartoon style. Now it's time for personalization - select your preferences, add description, upload photos and we are ready to go! Add to cart and complete your order.

2. Let our creative team do the rest

Now it's time for our artists to start working on your drawing. They will do their best to meet your expectations and include all the details from the description.

Your drawing will go through a quality check in order to make sure it is up to our highest standards.

3. Time to order a print

Get ready, because you will receive your awesome personalized artwork really soon! We will email the high resolution digital file to you. Let us know if you feel like adjustments are needed and we will tweak the artwork according to your wishes.

If you are completely satisfied with how the caricature turned out, it is time to order a print and get all the likes on instagram.

Get Animized

Have questions?

If the process is not crystal clear and you need some help, visit our FAQ page to find answers to the most common questions.

Our story

One thing that binds people from all over the world is our shared love for cartoons. Out of this love, GetAnimized was born.

This project is meant to be the source of joy. Together with the team of talented cartoon illustrators, we bring happiness to everyday life. Don't hesitate to experience it yourself.

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We're a human-centric company driven by empathy and professionalism. We will do everything in our power to make you 100% happy

Our cartoon artists are constantly improving their skills to meet all your expectations

We offer unlimited revisions. So if you feel there is something that could make your caricature even better, we are always here to help