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Get Animized cartoon portrait printed on canvas. Happy woman holding a 16×12 canvas print. The printed cartoon illustration contains your personalized portrait.
Anime style personalized cartoon illustration. A person turned into an anime character. Scraping the bright blue sky with red wings.  Floating in the air, looking down to the viewer, smiling.
Anime style personalized cartoon illustration and an original photo of the two people who were turned into Naruto characters. They are both smiling, dressed in red, woman's hair is blue, man's hair is red. Standing in full confidence of themselves. In the background there are red flames and blue lightning.
Two young woman turned into Tom and Jerry cartoon characters. Anime style portrait shows them smiling, standing close to each other, being lovely. One woman who was drawn as Tom is holding a red heart in her palm and the other one is pointing to it with her hand.
Cartoon illustration of two men turned into Saiyan cartoon characters and the original photo of them besides. In the illustration men are portrayed standing in confidence, happy, smiling, holding hand's on each other's shoulders. In the background you can see blue sky and Empire state building.
Saiyan cartoon illustration of the couple standing together dressed as Dragon Ball Z characters. The woman is shorter than the man. They are holding hands on each other back's, the woman is smiling slightly. In the background you can see an old Asian temple.
An illustration of a man turned into Zelda game character and a real photo of him besides for comparison. In the background you can see a misty forrest. The character is dressed in green, holding a sword and a shield. He looks like an elf, his ears are pointy. He is also wearing leather boots, gloves and belt. Smiling as if he conquered the enemies.
A girl turned into Avatar: The last air bender character. She is holding a rod, dressed like the man character and has an arrow on her forehead. She is standing high in the mountains, which are partially covered with clouds. You can see a blue castle somewhere in the background as well.
Man and woman both turned into Dragon Ball Z cartoon characters. They are standing next to each other, looking in the eyes and smiling. The man is holding his hands crossed, and the woman is slightly touching her chin. They both look in love with each other. Man is bald and the girl has blue hair. The surroundings are misty,  the sky is purple and two planets are visible, you can see hills and mountains in the background.
Man, woman and their pets cat and dog turned into Anime characters. They are dressed like Fire Nation in the Avatar: The Last Air Bender cartoon. The man is standing with his hands crossed, and the woman is holding one hand on her hip. The cat is all black looking seriously, and the dog looks friendly, has his tongue sticking out.
A couple and their two dogs turned into Big Mouth cartoon characters. They were drawn standing in the beach with clear blue water and sky, palm trees and sand. Standing close to each other, holding each other's back. Woman is showing a peace sign. One of the dogs is white and it looks excited. The other dog is beige and it looks confused.
A couple turned into Dragon Ball Z characters. Woman is holding her hands around man's neck. She is looking excited and playful, but the man is looking confused. In the background there is a blue sky and hills.
Young man, woman and their puppy turned into anime characters. They are dressed as Harry Potter characters. Both holding magical sticks, looking excited, smiling widely. The girl is also holding books in her other hand. The puppy is brown and he is standing still, looking viewer in the eyes with excitement.
Young man turned into Naruto character. He is in his roller-blades going down the stairs handrail.
Young man and woman turned into Naruto cartoon characters. Dressed in black with a few red details. The woman is smiling looking at the viewer and the man is laughing with his eyes closed. Standing shoulder to shoulder both with their hands crossed.
Two men and a boy turned into cartoon version of Star Wars characters. Each of them holding the blue sword and ready for a fight. They are dressed as Star Wars characters. Sunset background.
A family of three (mum, dad and a babygirl) turned into cartoonish bears. All standing together close to each other, and dad is holding the baby. All very happy and smiling. They are dressed as humans, but have bear ears, nose and body. They are in the beach with clear blue sky and water, coconut palm tree and sand. The location is Hawaii.
Two men and their dog turned into Peanut cartoons characters. All standing next to each other, smiling. The dog seems very excited and has his hands wide open. In the background is clear blue sky and short grass is visible.
A strong masculine black man turned into Saiyan cartoon character. He is standing in Dragon Ball Z outfit with blue flames around him.

Custom Cartoon Portrait on Canvas

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After the drawing is approved by you it will be printed on high-quality 12x16 canvas and sent to your delivery address!

Please include as many details as possible in the description area (please include details such as clothing, poses, height differences, items, colors, background, etc. ). Details from your life events and memories (such as items from trips, special clothes, etc.) can make the image extra special (please see FAQ and How It Works pages for more details). Any details not specified will be assumed by our team.

For any questions please email us at help@getanimized.com

We will offer you a range of printing and framing options after purchase.

Prices (USD):

  • Full Body Character - $25
  • Custom Background - $40 (please send us an image/-s or description of the background to be drawn)
  • Standard Background - $20
  • Canvas 12x16 - $50

We are in no way associated with or authorized by The Simpsons, Rick and Morty, BoJack Horseman, or Dragon Ball and neither those entities nor any of its affiliates have licensed or endorsed us.

How it works

Turning into cartoon character has never been easier! Here is a short guide to the most painless process.


First things first, pick your favorite cartoon. Choose between our bestsellers Yellow and Horseman or purchase any other cartoon style portrait.


Give our talented cartoon artists some inspiration - select the number of characters, choose a background for your custom portrait, upload photos & add description. We will create your personalized drawing accordingly!


Your caricature will be emailed to you in just a few days. Preview the artwork & request edits, if needed. If you are over the moon with your custom portrait, order a print and share that masterpiece on instagram.

Our team of talented cartoon illustrators work as fast as they can and we aim to get your hand-drawn personalized portrait done in 2-5 days.

Your custom cartoon portrait will be digital and we will email it to you as soon as it is completed. The file you will receive will be ready to print or share on social media. In case you decide to purchase a printed version on our store, we will attach your print order to the original one and will make sure your personalized artwork gets printed and shipped to the address provided.

Our cartoon artists are amazingly talented and we strive to produce premium quality drawings. Sometimes working from a photo we miss the essence of the person and we are always ready to make revisions until you are 100% happy with your custom cartoon portrait.

However, it is the customer's responsibility to specify all details they would like included in their personalized portrait. Any details not included in the order notes will be assumed by our cartoon illustrator and might result in additional charges if changes are required.

Absolutely yes. The more photos the better, just let us know in the description what details we should use from each photo and leave the rest up to us!

Creating a custom pet portrait requires the same amount of effort like drawing a human character. Therefore yes, pets count as characters.

We are fast and professional. You will receive a high-quality artwork in just 3 days. And we are always here to help you! You can reach out to us 16 hours a day (the rest we are sleeping).

Details referring to hobbies, favorite drink or food, sport, trip, specific clothes, etc. can make your custom cartoon drawing very unique and extra special.

We can draw you in your favourite place or in a specific movie scene, just don’t forget to add photos and description, and make sure you select 'Custom background' option.

Including celebrities or famous cartoon characters is another super fun idea for your personalized cartoon drawing.

Yes, each character included in the composition is counted separately.

The short answer is absolutely yes! Digital images we deliver via email are high-quality files suitable for printing in any size less or equal to 32x24-inch.

Due to the individualization of the product there is no right of withdrawal after the order has been placed and the custom illustration has been started to be drawn. We do however offer product revisions in case a customer is unsatisfied with their personalized portrait.

We're a human-centric company driven by empathy and professionalism. We will do everything in our power to make you 100% happy

Our cartoon artists are constantly improving their skills to meet all your expectations

We offer unlimited revisions. So if you feel there is something that could make your caricature even better, we are always here to help

But don't take our word for granted...

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