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10 Unique Family Picture Ideas for Personalized Christmas Postcards 2020

  With the kind of year 2020 has been, don’t you just love the fact that it’s almost coming to an end? You know what that means, Christmas is just around the corner! Unfortunately we’ve been terribly hit by a global pandemic all year and it has completely changed the way we live. There are lockdowns and with social distancing, you probably don’t get to see your loved ones as often as you’d like to, so no holiday parties and get-togethers this year.   By now, we’ve accepted that this will be quite a different Christmas and while so much has been canceled, fortunately, certain Christmas traditions like taking a Christmas family photo and making a Christmas card can still be...

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15 interesting facts about our favourite cartoon

If someone asked you, are you a fan of The Simpsons, what would be your answer? Well, maybe you would take some time to think before answering. You have probably seen each and every episode of the series, and even more than once! Maybe you even received as a gift a portrait of yourself turned into The Simpsons’ character because all your friends know how much you love the show and they decided it’s a must for you to have it! These are definitely the criteria that a real fan has to meet. However, this show is the world’s longest-running sitcom and it’s no surprise that its history is full of interesting details, cultural references and wild theories that true...

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Why Personalised Gifts are the Best

Hey Reader 😍😍😍, Listen to this ✌✌✌ In a world with insurmountable (I googled that) amount of products it is still difficult to find that 'perfect gift' for someone. Mass-produced gifts do not symbolize the connection you have with the receiver. It does not provide value, joy and show them how much you care about them FULL STOP! 🙌 It has been said that giving is better than receiving. ❤ Seeing peoples' eyes light up as they open up their gifts is such a fulfilling moment, especially when you realize that you’ve given them the perfect gift for the occasion, isn't it? 😊 Personalised gifts are created with a specific purpose in mind. It means that it was not randomly picked, but a lot...

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About Me

One thing that binds people from all over the world is our shared love for cartoons. They are fun and awesome. Who doesn't remember watching them as kids and losing ourselves in the fantasy world! My name is Rey and I am a keen traveler & illustrator! When someone asks me when or why I started drawing people, I don’t really know the answer. The world through my eyes was always like a picture. I believe that you can find beauty in everything. So I love capturing that beauty, different emotions and creating a story with the help of light and yellow angles. It is my passion and I decided to share it with You. Please look around my website and feel free to...

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