With the kind of year 2020 has been, don’t you just love the fact that it’s almost coming to an end? You know what that means, Christmas is just around the corner! Unfortunately we’ve been terribly hit by a global pandemic all year and it has completely changed the way we live. There are lockdowns and with social distancing, you probably don’t get to see your loved ones as often as you’d like to, so no holiday parties and get-togethers this year.  

By now, we’ve accepted that this will be quite a different Christmas and while so much has been canceled, fortunately, certain Christmas traditions like taking a Christmas family photo and making a Christmas card can still be practiced. It’s a great way to come together as a family and create something that you could send alongside Christmas gifts to your loved ones. It’s a fun activity you could do over the holidays and you need to be creative in order to make unique ones.

Here are 10 unique family picture ideas for Christmas Postcards.

Be in action

dancing people in striped pajamas

For your Christmas card to turn out just the way you want it to, you need to be fully involved in the process of making it. First, come up with a great concept for your Christmas family picture, choose Christmas outfits that fit into your concept, and book your favorite photographer. Remember, because of the pandemic you might want to limit your interaction with outsiders so you could consider organizing the photography equipment and taking the pictures by yourself at home. Let everyone know what their roles will be in making the Christmas card so that the entire process is seamless. That said, instead of just standing or sitting, you should consider having the family picture showing you all in action, perhaps cooking, dancing, or doing any other activity that has brought your family together during the lockdown. This also makes it easier to get great shots of the kids as they don’t have to sit still.


Various costumes of course

family in green elves costumes

One of the best things about the holidays is that they allow you to wear the most unique outfits and costumes that you would normally not get the chance to wear on regular days. So, how about incorporating some interesting costumes in the process of making your Christmas card? Since the pandemic has had been financially hard on people and has also left several people bored, you could consider making the costumes by yourself. It will be a fun activity that will save you some money. If you can’t make some, simply buy the costumes. You’ll have lots of laughs while taking your Christmas family picture as the costumes allow you and your family to embody different characters and your card will be quite original for sure. It will certainly make your friends and other loved ones who receive your Christmas card smile or even better, have a good laugh amidst these trying times.


Don’t be afraid to not look perfect

family picture with Christmas decorations

In a world where social media, which is used by almost everyone, portrays people as perfect, you might also feel the need to follow suit and get the perfect Christmas family picture and make the perfect Christmas card. However, where’s the fun in that? It’s actually tiring to work towards achieving perfection, especially during the holidays. If anything, lockdowns, social distancing, and the pandemic have taught us that what matters most is your family and enjoying the time you get to spend with them so perfection is not a priority at this point. So don’t be afraid to not look perfect. Let everyone be themselves in the Christmas family picture so that you get a more authentic Christmas card. Besides, your friends and loved ones will love to see you all in your authentic element.


Engage your pets

dog holding message card to Santa

Of course, your pets are part of the family. These furry animals have kept several families accompanied during these trying times and it’s only fair that they are also in your Christmas card. When taking the Christmas family picture wearing coordinated outfits, make sure your pets are also dressed like you. The coordinated looks will tie everything together so well and your pets will also enjoy being part of the process. It will also encourage your friends and loved ones to value their pets more too and will put a smile on a pet lover's face.


Let your youngest ones be in charge

parents tied together by their children on Christmas card picture

Kids perhaps have been hit by the pandemic most because they can’t go out as much as they would like to. Remember, they love to play around with their friends outdoors and for their development, they need to learn but school was also canceled in most countries. Therefore, a great way to go about creating a unique Christmas card is to let the youngest ones be in charge. It’s a way of helping them use their creativity, learn, and have fun in the process. Allow them to choose the position for your Christmas family picture, involve them in picking the costumes or outfits, and even in creating the Christmas card in Photoshop. Let them pick designs that enhance the picture.  


Use Photoshop in a fun way

family with faces swapped

Once you’ve taken that amazing Christmas family picture, it’s worth using a great graphic design program to create your Christmas card, and what better one to choose than Photoshop? It can be a little bit tricky at first, but once you find your way around it, you can make your cards truly unique. You can get creative with Photoshop by getting rid of the parts of the picture you don’t like, changing the colors around to make the card more festive, you can add graphics, and do some resizing. Once you’re happy with your Christmas card design, you can easily download and print it without compromising the quality.


Don’t forget your favorite family movie

family in Game of Thrones costumes

What better way to create a fun Christmas card than recreating a scene from your favorite family movie while taking your Christmas family picture? Think about it, it’s a great way to bring out your originality as a family, and thanks to the fact that you’ll probably all be cooped up in the house during the holidays, you’ll have lots of time to do this. Sending your loved ones such a card is also a great way to surprise them and just make them happy. It will assure them that you’re all doing great and finding fun things to do together. It will also encourage them to be more creative and give them ideas about a movie they can watch.


Remember all the iconic music album covers

family recreating iconic Beatles album Abbey Road cover

Another excellent idea for your Christmas card is to recreate the pictures on your favorite iconic music album’s cover. It will be fun because you could all dress like the band or the artists and do exactly what they did in their picture. This will not only make taking your Christmas family picture fun but you will add a touch of your own personalities into the picture, something your card recipients will definitely appreciate. Besides, it will get everyone in a great mood.


Quarantine like a boss

Christmas sign on the front yard

Well if you really can’t do much outdoors, how about showing the world how you are quarantining like a boss in your Christmas card? Being cooped up at home might not be the most pleasant thing but make it fun anyway. How about taking a Christmas family picture with you and your family sitting like kings and queens enjoying your favorite holiday drinks? Send the Christmas card to your loved ones with personalized messages assuring them that quarantine doesn’t have to be so bad and that they can own the situation and thrive in it.


Become a realistic cartoon family

cartoon family Christmas card picture

We can all agree that love for cartoons is shared worldwide and most people grew up watching them. That said, how about creating a Christmas card in which you become realistic cartoon family? Thanks to websites like getanimized.com, transforming your family into cartoon characters has never been so easy. All you need to do is find photos with your family members in them or quickly take fresh ones. After that, choose your favorite cartoon, select the exact number of characters, upload the photos along with a description and place your order. They will have your drawing ready in a few days. Sending this to your friends and loved ones will have them get lost in that fantasy cartoon world even if just for a while. But the moment will be the one to remember. Everyone needs a break from reality don’t you think?


Sending a Christmas card with your Christmas family picture is a great way to send greetings to your friends and loved ones especially during these social distancing times when they probably haven’t seen your family in a while. As you can see, it’s worth getting more creative with them and these ideas will help you out. With them, you can be sure your recipients will be pleasantly surprised and they will definitely appreciate your family’s thoughtful gesture. With these points, you will also get to tap into your family’s creative side and originality.


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